Decision Analysis

Multi-stakeholder decision making services are provided to address the ever increasing requirements for sustainable development and long-term land use planning for new mining projects as well as for mines currently being closed. Public and stakeholder interests in a mining project are often different from that of the mining company, resulting in conflicts during permitting and operations. Processes for technical exchange, alternative analysis which provides for opinions of all stakeholders, and conflict resolution through engagement are important for successful project development. The Multiple Accounts Analysis (or MAA) has been developed to provide a platform and communication tool for the multi-disciplinary issues involved with such decision making.

Typical services include

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Conflict Resolution

Typical projects include

  • tailings closure options assessment
  • selection of a reclamation alternative
  • evaluation of alternative seepage control options
  • tailings site selection option analysis
  • mining options analysis
  • conceptual closure plan alternatives analysis

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