Numerical Modeling

Consulting and engineering services are provided in numerical modeling for a variety of geoscience disciplines: hydrogeology/hydrology, geochemistry and slope stability (geotechnics). Typical modeling in hydrogeologic investigations involve groundwater flow and contaminant transport, modeling of watershed runoff, cover modeling and seepage modeling in unsaturated zones. Geochemical models also help in understanding the complex chemical and mineralogical processes effecting the environment. Slope and rock stability represent another aspect of modeling activity related to tailings dams, pit walls, and other problematics.

Modeling packages licensed to RGC: Groundwater Modeling System (GMS), MODFLOW (FD), MODPATH, MT3D, FEFLOW, SEEP/W, HYDRUS, SOILCOVER, HELP, MINTEQ, PHREEQE/PHREEQM, SLOPE/W

Typical hydrological modeling projects include

  • assessment of net infiltration into mine waste (tailings, waste rock etc.)
  • development of water balance for mine units of entire mine site
  • designs of water diversion systems using pumps and/or drains
  • assessment of rewetting and evaporation losses during tailings discharge
  • watershed runoff analysis

Typical hydrogeological modeling projects include

  • groundwater flow characterization (in porous or fractured rock)
  • designs of dewatering systems using pumps and/or drains
  • designs of water diversion systems using pumps and/or drains
  • characterization of seepage behavior in tailings impoundments and waste rock piles
  • prediction of phreatic surface under various operating conditions
  • designs of seepage control systems with due consideration to dam stability and water quality

Typical soil cover modeling projects include

  • assessment of different cover types (e.g. zero water flux, water storage and oxygen limiting)
  • evaluation of different cover scenarios (e.g. material type, cover thickness and vegetation)
  • cover design for closure for mine rock piles and tailing storage facilities
  • calibration of model using in-situ monitoring of saturation and volumetric water content and use of calibrated model to predict final closure conditions

Typical geochemical modeling projects include

  • equilibrium speciation modeling
  • transport modeling
  • contaminant load prediction to downstream environments

Typical geotechnical modeling projects include

  • dam slope stability
  • rock slope stability
  • tailings dam design
  • bearing capacity and foundation design

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