Mine Closure Planning

There has been a significant increase in the involvement of NGO's and regulators in closure planning, tightening of criteria by which closure plan success is judged, and increased costs of closure planning, closure measures and closure liability. RGC has developed a specialization in mine closure planning and closure planning leadership. Services are provided for the preparation of mine reclamation and closure plans preparation and the calculation of financial assurance and bonding funds are offered. Services provided include assessment of pre-minig conditions, mine development impacts, long term physical and chemical stability of mine structures, design of reclamation and closure measures, and monitoring requirements. Guidance in long-term strategy planning is provided to address closure needs as early in the mine lifecycle as technically and financially reasonable.

Typical Services Include

  • preparation of mine closure plans including the optimization of closure measures to minimize closure costs
  • calculation of closure fund requirements
  • review and evaluation of plans and closure costs prepared by others
  • alternatives analysis for assessing various plan options

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