Mine Waste Management

Mine waste management services are provided to address the ever increasing requirements for such wastes to be place in stable structures, prevented from yielding contaminated drainage and to allow their long term reclamation to land-use criteria suitable for mine closure and sustainability post closure.

Typical Services include

  • investigation of foundation conditions for stability of, and hydrogeologic conditions under, proposed dumps and tailings dams
  • future waste rock and tailings materials testing and characterization to determine strength, teaching and acid generating potential characteristics
  • investigation and characterization of existing rock waste deposits to determine existing and potential conditions of stability, contaminants leaking and acid generation
  • alternative management systems and layouts evaluations to optimize waste disposal costs while achieving physical and chemical conditions required for environmental protection
  • design of control and remediation measures required for environmental protection and mine closure
  • alternative assessments for site selection and closure of mine waste facilities

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